Kasel (Pvt) Ltd
is a trading concern which was established in 1997.  We have been dealing in different trading activates since our inception and have had business dealings with different govt. and private organization over the years. Attributable to our strong track record in the last several years, we have developed a strong reputation locally for our operational efficiency and on-time delivery. Additionally, our relationships with foreign furniture manufacturers can ensure that all of our clients needs are met on time.

From a service perspective, we have established a complete and computerized system to supplement our service organization. It is our hope that this responsive system can increase customer feedback.


We have dealings in a vast spectrum of fields namely:

     - Commodity trading.
     - Construction Material.
     - Electronics.
     - Wooden Flooring.
     - Telecommunication equipment.
     - Solar Systems.
     - Office and home furniture. (Wholesale and retail).
- Raw Material (industrial and pharmaceutical).
     - Sports Goods.

- Give us your requirement.
- We will provide you quotations.
- After acceptance of quote
sample will be provided.
- After your approval order  can be placed.

In these above fields the we have been actively participating over the number of years we have been in business. We are presently buying home and office furniture directly from manufacturers in china and supplying it to different organizations in China and Pakistan and at the same time wholesaling and retailing it in Pakistan. We have two display centers for Furniture and other products. One display centre is located in between Islamabad/Rawalpindi and the second display centre is located in Lahore.

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